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Our Aspiration

Real-life experience learning is Aristar International School's focus through an interactive learning method which starts from the early year learning program through our primary and secondary education level.

The Early Year Learning Framework with Australian National Quality Standards has been the inspiration of the school in implementing programs through the early year learning program of our kindergarten classes.

The kindergarten students startup with sensorial learning programs in Pre-kindy class which aim for children to develop their physical and motor skills control and movements in conjunction with their brain development.

The children by then go through programs that will develop their deeper understanding and learn to communicate it effectively, lessons that will allow them to connect and apply what they learned to the world they are in, and real-life activities that will allow them to adjust themselves to be strong with their well-being, develop confidence in their identity and learn to build trust in the community, family, and group where they belong in their Kindy 1, Kindy 2, and Kindy 3 classes.

This holistic learning program and interactive approach will be guided and be implemented through integrating learning subject areas such as Math, Science, Geography, Technology, Social, Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education together in Primary and Secondary class level. The interactive learning method will be used to connect our students' real-life experiences into their daily learning lesson keeping them informed, motivated, and driven to the path of becoming a responsible global citizen that the school aims to build for the beloved country of Thailand.

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Our Core Values

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The school aims to create a safe environment for students, emphasizing friendly learning and holistic development in both emotional and life skills aspects. This is to foster and enhance learning experiences to their fullest potential and happiness, by treating all students equally regardless of economic and social status. Emphasis is placed on promoting and supporting students' learning to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Establishing a safe and joyful interactive learning environment to enhance student 's holistic competencies, guiding them towards achieving their desired goal.

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy

Aristar International Schools believes that through interactive learning with real-life simulation experiences will enable students to develop physical and emotional development through a variety of group activities, enabling students to become more physically and emotionally involved, know and develop in roles and duties as a team player or even a leader. They will be able to express their ideas freely and show their feelings in certain situations and be able to express their artistry through crafts, art and movements, and through animated activities. They will be able to enhance their discovery skills to fire up their passion for new ideas, reduce confusion by discovering new things, and develop their analytical skills, and speak out their thoughts in the way they understand and appreciate it. This learning development would lead the student to build up each individual lifelong learning skill and form up their life skills.

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