Christmas is joy for giving and sharing, for coming together as family and friends, for tinsel and brightly decorated Christmas Trees, school full of Christmas decors and lanterns.
Making every Christmas a season to be excited for and a Christmas to remember at Aristar International School the school prepares for the students, parents and teachers to get together and enjoy the merriment. The delightful celebration includes various exciting activities.
As part of our International curriculum, students explore and celebrate some major celebrations from around the world. It is part of exploring some of the global celebrations to able the children experience and appreciates global tradition. This year we have a Christmas Set up for students to feel that a community who celebrates Christmas together is a practice of most of the community around the world.
Students will decorate their classrooms, prepare some Christmas show and costumes that are connected to Christmas to bring colors and enjoyment to all.
There will be raffles that students can have surprises from the school and go home with toys and something to show to the family when they get.
Robinsons Lifestyle Prachinburi offer their stage for the school and so the school will prepare a big variety show for all the parents on the second day with students on their costumes and special Christmas Numbers prepared for them.

Objectives were met such as:
  1. Students were able to develop global awareness of this celebration through learning some merry songs about Christmas and be able to value the true meaning of Christmas by participating in the gift giving, class participation and activities.
  2. Students were able to enjoy Christmas party in school with their classmates, teachers and family members who came in to support them and make the event memorable for them by participating in the presentation and gift giving.
  3. Students were able to enjoy and show off their talents, overcome their stage fright and be able to build their confidence by finishing the entire presentation for their group.
  4. Students will be able to appreciate Christmas as a day to celebrate love, giving and family time and be excited for the Christmas they will have at home and spend holidays during the term break.
    5 Random Parents per class, from Pre Kindy to Year 6 classes were given the feedback forms after the event and received an over- all satisfactory feedback result. The support showed by the parent was overwhelming, most of the students have their parents with them leading them to suggests additional seats and parents’ participation on games and show next year.