A R I S T A R   I N T E R N A T I O N A L    S C H O O L 

L O Y   K R A T H O N G   2 0 1 6
Theme:  Inculcating culture in their young mind,

The kids' generation could never imagine what has been before and in their past. They may have a glimpse of it in the picture but that can never be the same as really having in larger life set up. The whole week of teaching Traditions and Loy Krathong is just in time for the season and making them feel how it is to be in their mom and dad’s time.

A one week class of all levels about Thai traditions and Loy Krathong is targeting the realization of having the kids understand, feel, and experienced how is it to be in the past and engaging in the set up where people and set up looks the same as what they saw in their mom and dad’s childhood.
The idea is for them to know their roots, understand their beliefs, experienced their tradition and inculcate values in their lives, and take pride in their country’s unique identity.

Why do we need to have this? A BLAST OF OUR PAST
As what the target is, make the students understand, feel, experienced their culture and tradition. A way of planting nationalism and pride in who they are as Thai citizens and take pride in their unique identity among other nations.

As this was observed for the whole week, students were able to intensify their understanding of their past, their culture, and their tradition, in a fun way as possible and as real as what they saw on videos, pictures and heard from stories of their mom, dad, and grandparents.

Since they were able to visualize and realize what was seen, they were able to feel and appreciate what it has been to live in their country’s past.

As they realized what they were told of and what they have seen, they were able to compare how was it before and how is it by now. They were able to discover what was lost and is still practiced and if lucky enough they will be able to determine the good one that they wish to have in their present generation.

The celebration surely met the title of doing a “BLAST OF OUR PAST” because they were able to basically experienced, felt, saw, understood what their family has experienced before them in a fun way with real set up and not just a make-believe costume but really having worn it for a day. They were able to even have the memorabilia to make them remember this has also happened to them and compare their pictures taken to their mom or dad’s memory lane.

The school was able to defeat the purpose of making students just looking at the pictures…. They were able to get a better capture of photos from what their mom and dad have because of the technology we have now and because they are able to have it with their friends in school.

The results were able to gain much attention from parents and followers but the best thing to ever happen is after these activities happened, they experienced the real one with their family since it was done before the Loy Krathong celebration.

Therefore, the activity is not only to make them understand and experienced it in school with friends, but this has boosted their morale as a child for being so knowledgeable of the celebration at a  young age. In the future, they can possibly interact with what they have experienced with their relatives who will be with them in time of celebration and will surely gain attention from them if they can tell something, identify the scene, and show proof of pictures that they had done it. It will not just boost their identity, and their pride but will so be a good shot for the school for making sure that even if it teaches far more different from others in almost aspect, at least it is doing also its best to link international school students to their traditions, culture, and practices. A way to connect them from their Thai World to the real world. Making them experienced the best of both worlds as the cliché goes.

Blast in the Past was a hit and we promised to do more activities like these for the Aristar Ais kids!




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