2018 Community Involvement

2018 Community Involvement

Being an international school, Aristar would like their students to have a broader outlook of the world and at the same time,

still, be rooted in tradition.

Learning about how we can involve ourselves in the community and how we can extend a helping hand to make it better, we can hope that our students will grow up to be better citizens.

We reached out to soldiers and thanked them for their efforts to protect our country, we donated toys to our younger schoolmates, gave food to construction workers, cleaned our surroundings, and had role-playing activities to give students an experience of involvement. 

At the end of the week, we have visited a temple to listen to their community's teachings. It has been an enlightening experience for our students.

They will surely remember to be respectful, kind, generous, and active in helping their own community in the future. J


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