As part of the objectives of Aristar AIS, this project is for the development of children’s awareness of global traditions by giving them first-hand experience of the content shared to the students in the class. A certain tradition or practice, which is observed around the world, can help cultivate the young minds of students’ to be more creative and open to certain international aspects and beliefs. Also, this kind of program promotes the acceptance of diversity which will be a useful trait for children as a 20th century learner.

Objectives were met such as:

Students attendance on the day of the event was 100% based on the attendance sheet submitted.
Students were able to have fun while singing and dancing to songs about the occasion. They applied the physical and musical coordination they have learned in some of their art classes through participating in the dance number.
Students were able to develop their global awareness as they simulate Halloween tradition such as trick-or-treating by visiting classrooms and saying ‘trick or treat’ every time the door opens.
Students showed their enthusiasm and support for the event by coming to school in creative Halloween costumes. This is also an observable factor of their developing global awareness.
Students were able to apply their art classes through dancing and singing actively.
After the activity, 5 Parents per class, Pre kindy to Year 6 classes were given the feedback forms and received favorable result and constructive feedback from all survey participants. The support showed by the parent was shown when most of them sent in their students in costume based on the theme where their child belongs. The main constructive feedback received was about: not to give candies during this event and if possible, during regular days, too and most have said that they are looking forwards for this colorful event, again.