It is always a special day in November as the school gets to celebrate Loy Krathong as part of cultural awareness for students .As a tradition of the school, despite of its international curriculum and English as its medium of teaching, the school encourages everyone to be aware of their culture. One way of doing that is to let the students understand better their culture through having input from teachers in English, be more understood through having it in their Thai Study.

Objectives were met such as:
  • Students’ attendance was 90% based on the attendance sheet to be recorded by the teachers.
  • Students were able to express their enthusiasm through coming to school in colorful Thai costumes together with their Krathong.
  • Students were able to appreciate their own tradition through participating in class activities during their Thai classes.
  • Students were able to develop social skills by experiencing temple fair at school together with their classmates and teachers,
  • They were able to appreciate the gifts each body of water has given by symbolically floating krathongs in the water.
  • They were able to boost their confidence by singing and dancing the traditional Loy Krathong song both in English and Thai version.
  • Survey forms were given to the group of parents upon their pick-up of their children on the day of the activity and the school received satisfactory results from them. Encouraging school to provide a bigger venue for student’s activities due to increasing number of students participating in the activity.