When Sports Day is more than Sports !

Aristar AIS takes over the K3 SPORTS CLUB, one more time and this time with LONGER parade, AMAZING performances and LOUDER cheers!

For Kindy and primary students ,Sports Day surely is the best day to celebrate holistic development of the students. It encourages PATIENCE to follow instructions, pushes DETERMINATION students to try new things and work on it, explores KINDNESS by building relationship and being CONSIDERATE with other students and at PEACE with himself, provides a venue for students to be HUMBLE as they improve their physical prowess and sports skill, lead students to value SPORTMANSHIP as they exposes students to challenges and obstacle for them to overcome and get over by themselves or with others, develops POSITIVITY in their hustles and GREAT MINDSET as they reward themselves an understanding of the prize they receive after their work is done. Students may think, “Did he win it or was he challenged?”. He didn’t lost for he gained experience and can surely do better next time.

This is why Aristar Ais SPORTS DAY is far more different from the rest. Sports Day is indeed more than sports and its already an Aristar AIS tradition!